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Make a telescope

Telescope is an instrument that makes far away object look closer.

Things needed:
  • Two magnifying lens (of different sizes)
  • Two PVC tubes
  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Hot glue
  1. Take two magnifying lens of different sizes. One should be larger and have low magnifying power and the other should be smaller and have high magnifying power.
  2. Now take two suitable PVC tubes such that the small one should slide into the bigger one. And the diameter of the larger PVC tube should be larger than the bigger lens and the diameter of the smaller PVC tube should be bigger than the smaller lens.
  3. The length of the combined PVC tubes should be greater than the sum of focal length of the individual lenses. The focal length of the individual lens can be found by measuring the distance between the lens and the screen where the lens focus distant object like a window or tree.
  4. Now put circular holes in the cardboard same as the two lens diameter and cut a square shape around the circular holes.
  5. Now attach the lens into cardboard using hot glue. Use hot glue only around the edges of the lens.
  6. Now attach the square cardboard with lens to the respective PVC tubes with hot glue.
  7. Look at a distant through the smaller lens (eyepiece) and slide the PVC tube back and forth to get a clear focus.

The distant object will bigger and upside down. This telescope can be used to look at moons, constellations and other terrestrial things like bird, etc.


The bigger objective lens collects a lot of light from a distant object and brings that to its focus point. The eyepiece takes the bright light from the focus point of the objective lens and magnifies it. The objective lens produces a real inverted image and the eyepiece just magnifies it and that’s why the image looks upside down.

Try this:

See, if you could find crater on the moon or satellites of Jupiter.